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Education : The Plumbing Industry
Seriously Speaking focuses on the hottest topics within education, learning, teaching and apprenticeships. With apprenticeships and preparing youngsters for the tough workplace out there now high on the current Government's agendas for young people. We support a series of initiatives and activities.

Apprenticeships For Plumbers
A report in 2013 highlighted that there was a lack of apprentice plumbers and heating engineers operating within the plumbing and heating industry. In 2013 the plumbing industry saw a 25 percent decrease in the number of apprentice plumbers and engineers. Click HERE for more on this report. Whether it is being caused by the stigma of apprenticeships or the lack of promotion and information available to school leavers and colleges, it is vital we plug the gap.
The Plumbing and Heating Industry
We believe the plumbing and heating industry is a very sensible and sustainable career choice for youngsters in the UK, households and businesses will continue to require plumbers and engineers within the foreseeable future. With the developments within the sustainable energy resources industry such as biomass boilers and underfloor heating, the industry has seen and will continue to see sustainable and continuable growth..
Support From Plumbers In London
We have support from a local group of plumbers, heating engineers and boiler specialists in London. Boiler Breakdowns are a medium sized plumbing business based in London, with a team of local heating engineers and plumbers in London. Boiler Breakdowns support our campaign to drive youngsters into the plumbing and heating industry. Over the years Boiler Breakdowns have ensured to bring in apprentices into their business in order to grow organically. Boiler Breakdowns have engineers and plumbers in Central London, North London, East London, South London and West London. For more information about Boiler Breakdowns click HERE.
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Seriously Speaking About Enterprise Education
Seriously Speaking has been set up to deliver their latest debate on entrepreneurship and enterprise amongst young people of the UK regions. Because of the unique approach of Seriously Speaking, this debate on enterprise in education will be lively and inclusive in getting to the heart of the issue. The main points raised will be fed back to key decision makers in enterprise from the Cabinet Office through to the DfES to hopefully ensure all voices are heard within this debate.
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