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Seriously Speaking focuses on the hottest topics within education, learning, teaching and apprenticeships. With apprenticeships and preparing youngsters for the tough workplace out there now high on the current Government's agendas for young people. We support a series of initiatives and activities.

About Us
As part of the emphasis on enterprise, we currently support a large number of educational projects across the country to test a variety of strategies for embedding an enterprising approach to teaching and learning. These projects have been used to prepare the way for a wider roll-out of enterprise education to all English secondary schools. In the attempt to boost youngsters skill sets when entering the workplace environment.
Enterprise Education and Citizenship
The aim of enterprise education is to encourage more young people to develop an entrepreneurial outlook from an early age, building towards a more enterprising culture as a whole. Citizenship, meanwhile, is focused on the wider issues involved in becoming an informed and interested citizen, taking into account community involvement, political literacy and socially and morally responsible behaviour both in and the classroom and beyond.
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Seriously Speaking About Enterprise Education
Seriously Speaking has been set up to deliver their latest debate on entrepreneurship and enterprise amongst young people of the UK regions. Because of the unique approach of Seriously Speaking, this debate on enterprise in education will be lively and inclusive in getting to the heart of the issue. The main points raised will be fed back to key decision makers in enterprise from the Cabinet Office through to the DfES to hopefully ensure all voices are heard within this debate.
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